Zotonic One-Click installer for Webfaction

I have started to work on a One-Click installer for installing Zotonic on Webfaction.

Here is a link to a small project I have just created to allow a One-Click install of Zotonic on Webfaction shared hosting:



It is still very alpha software at the moment, I wouldn't recommend that anyone who wouldn't be able to install Zotonic by themselves use it, and it is best to try it on a fresh account to avoid breaking any current installation of Erlang, ImageMagick or Zotonic. You can run it anywhere you have Python installed.


Still Requires Work

At the moment it downloads and installs Mercurial, Erlang and ImageMagick (although i have had timeout problems sometimes with installing Erlang) and it clones zotonic.
It also creates a database for zotonic, and an App in the Webfaction control panel. A website that uses the App and a domain name still need to be created manually by the user.


Next Steps

That is about it for now, when I get a chance I will add the folowing:
  • Create Website and domain in Webfaction
  • Copy config.in of default site to config and replace values in config to match what the script has setup.
  • Make robust, and make sure it won't break existing installs of Erlang or Zotonic

Has anyone any ideas about how I could improve the script?